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Who We Are.

Progressive Learning Academy (PLA) was founded in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. PLA is an Educational Services Provider, specialized in providing K-12 Tutoring and Soft Skills Training. Delivering all live-classes from PLA’s interactive Virtual Training Centre – 100% online.  Progressive Learning Academy is dedicated to supporting all students, schools, government, and organizations in their quest for continuous improvement. Through our innovative educational support system, we strive to enhance learning experiences, foster skill development, and contribute to the overall advancement of academic and organizational goals.

Our Mission.

Progressive Learning Academy’s core mission is to bridge the educational gap for ALL students, communities and organizations across North America, no matter the location. We strive to ensure every student has access to quality educational support and equal learning opportunities. All Training and Tutoring takes place in our Virtual Training Centre, with a keen focus on quality, accessibility and concierge-style client services. Dedicated to student success and committed to excellence in virtual learning. 

Virtual Classroom Technology.

Step into the future of education in todays fast paced world at Progressive Learning Academy’s Virtual Training Centre. Where innovation meets immersive learning. Our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms are equipped with interactive learning tools that revolutionize the educational experience. 

Learning tools as seen below.

  1. Documents Upload: Share PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and image files seamlessly.

  1. Whiteboard: Highlight content dynamically for enhanced engagement.
  1. Breakout Rooms: Foster collaborative learning with interactive breakout sessions.
  1. Video Options: Play videos in low, medium, and high-resolution for optimal viewing.
  1. Chat: Communicate effortlessly through public and private chat channels.
  1. Polling: Test students’ knowledge easily with interactive polling.
  1. Multi-User Whiteboard: Encourage creative thinking with a collaborative whiteboard.
  1. Shared Notes: Enhance group collaboration with shared note-taking capabilities.
  1. Screen Share: Intuitively share screens to keep students engaged.
  1. Hand Raise: Provide feedback during class through a virtual hand-raising feature.
  1. Emojis: Express yourself with a wide range of emojis.
  2. Webcam Video: Share your webcam video and personalize your virtual presence with custom backgrounds.

Experience a dynamic and immersive learning environment with PLA’s Virtual Training Centre.  

K-12 Tutoring 

Unlock the full potential of every learner with our dynamic live-tutoring services, delivered conveniently online. Our expert tutors are dedicated to providing personalized, 1:1 and group support tailored to each student’s unique learning style and needs. Whether it’s mastering complex subjects, preparing for exams, or building foundational skills, our live-tutoring sessions ensure that no student is left behind. With a focus on interactivity, engagement, and real-time feedback, we’re here to inspire confidence and ignite a passion for learning. The power of annual consistent tutoring support lies in its ability to provide students with a structured and continuous learning experience, ensuring steady progress, deep comprehension, and long-lasting academic success.

Skills Training 

Elevate your skill set with our immersive live-skills training services, conveniently accessible online in both a time and cost effective manner. Designed to equip learners with practical, hands-on expertise, our training modules cover a wide range of essential life and professional skills. From communication and leadership to technical proficiency and career development, our live-skills sessions are led by experienced instructors who are dedicated to your success. Whether you’re entering the job market, seeking career advancement, or simply looking to enhance your everyday skills, our live-skills training empowers you to excel in any endeavor. Step into the future with confidence, armed with the skills that truly matter. 

Assessment Process

At PLA, individual assessments are a crucial component of our personalized approach to education. When a student begins their journey with us, we conduct a comprehensive assessment that evaluates their current proficiency levels, learning style, and specific areas of strength and challenge. This initial assessment serves as a baseline, allowing us to tailor our tutoring sessions to the unique needs of each student. As tutoring progresses, we continue to conduct periodic assessments as needed or as requested to track the student’s growth and adjust our instructional strategies accordingly. These assessments not only provide valuable insights into the student’s progress but also help us celebrate achievements and address any areas that may require additional attention. Ultimately, our individual assessments ensure that every student receives the targeted support they need to succeed academically and build confidence in their learning journey. 

Progress Reporting 

Our progress reporting process involves regular assessments of each student’s performance, tracking their academic growth and areas for improvement. This systematic approach not only keeps students and parents informed, but also allows us to tailor our tutoring methods for optimal learning outcomes, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. 

Here for YOU! 

At Progressive Learning Academy, our commitment goes beyond education – we’re dedicated to propelling students to the next level of success. Through personalized tutoring, innovative training, and a focus on essential skills, we empower students to reach their full potential. Join us on a transformative journey where every learning experience takes you one step closer to your goal. At PLA, the next level is not just a destination; it’s a continuous, dynamic evolution of growth and achievement. 

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Our Values

Trust, Expertise, Assurance, Integrity, Commitment.

Our Vision

Progressive Learning Academy envisions a future where we can be a bridge for the education industry with our PLA Virtual Training Centre. Bridging the educational gap for ALL students and communities across North America, with reliable tech, expert educators and a drive for student success!

Our Mission

  1. Make quality training and educational support available for everyone, everywhere.
  2. Making learning a fun activity for all ages.
  3. Bridge the Educational Gap in North America.
  4. Utilize innovative technology to break down traditional education barriers.
  5. Commit to always do everything in the best interests of our students and partner organizations.
  6. Redefine Accessibility and Flexible Learning within the Industry. 
  7. Provide students with RESULTS.

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