Adult Educational Support (AES)

Canada’s Leader In Online Education For Adults

One of our core principles is the belief in and commitment to the resilience of the human spirit and its quest for knowledge. No matter the age or skill level of an individual, we believe they should have access to learning. That’s why we offer online courses for adults in a range of subjects covering school learning (Adult Dogwood/GED prep), language learning, vocational learning and essential skills learning.

PLA courses are taught by experienced instructors and are tailored to meet the needs of adult students. We use innovative technology to break down traditional barriers to education, plus our easy-to-use interface and regular support further facilitates the learning process. We encourage adult students to invest in their personal growth and development through education to help them realize their full potential.

Our teaching Process for english

Read, Write, Speak, Repeat

The most effective way of learning is by reading, writing, and speaking every day. By reading about a variety of topics such as science, fiction, etc., our students can improve their vocabulary quickly. We’ve integrated these three components into our assignments to encourage our students to practice then master what they have learned.

Listening Is Learning

Listening is a powerful tool. By engaging our student’s auditory senses, we create a more immersive experience that allows for increased memory and retention. This improves pronunciation quickly and effectively.

Interaction Is Key

Interaction is at the heart of communication. Our integrated curriculum, where we hold speaking sessions, lets our students to practice what they have learned through community support. This encouragement and reinforcement provides additional motivation towards achieving their goals.

The Learning Process For Adults

Simply put, how an adult learns is different from how a K-12 student learns.

  1. It starts with autonomy: adults are, as a general rule, more independent and thus may not require intense or dedicated group environments.
  2. Adults usually have a more developed capacity for learning, so they can focus for longer periods of time on subjects or tasks.
  3. Because adult learners are being given an opportunity to learn something that they’ve perhaps been wanting to do for a long time, they are more motivated to succeed. This motivation can foster a strong discipline to apply themselves more fully to the learning process, which can further define and deepen the overall experience for them.
  4. Fear of failure and/or appearing incompetent in the presence of peers or colleagues is often very strong in adult students. Empathy and understanding are needed to help them overcome this.
  5. Adults will often draw on their own life experiences to help them learn. They may use personal beliefs, opinions and ideas as reference to help illustrate or explain concepts or subject matters. Our instructors recognize and respect this by seeking to find ways in which this can be incorporated into the learning process

Services Offered

Our E-Learning Options

All options are Fully customizable Based on the needs of the individual Student or organization.
Please contact us for pricing Information as we can tailor programs to suit your needs and budget.


Geared for those who are struggling and need support to build A foundation


Best suited for students who already have a basic level of Subject understanding


For students who possess a thorough understanding Of the subject