Welcome to Progressive Learning Academy’s Careers! We are excited to connect with talented professionals who are passionate about education, innovation and making a positive impact. At PLA, we offer a range of rewarding career opportunities across different domains.


Are you an experienced educator looking to inspire and empower students? Join us to create engaging learning experiences, provide personalized support, and help students achieve their academic and personal goals. Whether you specialize in skills training, tutoring, or subject-specific teaching, we welcome your expertise and dedication to student success.

Ed-Tech Developers

Are you a tech-savvy innovator passionate about revolutionizing education through technology? Join our team of developers to design and implement cutting-edge educational platforms, tools, and solutions. Collaborate with educators and learners to create engaging digital learning experiences and enhance the way we teach and learn.

Sales Professionals

Are you skilled in building relationships and promoting essential services? Join our sales team to showcase the benefits of Progressive Learning Academy’s offerings to educational institutions, organizations, and communities. Help us expand our reach, forge partnerships, and bring high-quality education and support to more learners throughout North America.

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Interested in joining the team? Send us your resume and a brief introduction and a team member will get back to you with more information if we see potential for collaboration.

Contact us directly regarding talent and employment opportunities at [email protected]