French Language Education

Tutoring Service (FLT)

"Apprenez le français avec confiance et plaisir!"

Learn French with Confidence and Joy!

Embark on your journey to fluency with PLA French Language Tutoring (FLT). Our program offers personalized, live, instructor-led sessions tailored to your learning pace and goals, 1 to 1 with expert level French educators. Conducted through PLA’s state-of-the-art virtual learning center, our expert language educators provide immersive and engaging lessons designed to enhance your proficiency in French, from basic conversational skills to advanced language nuances.


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 180 Monthly
  • Assessment + Education
  • 2-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by FLT Experts


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 305
  • Assessment + Education
  • 4-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by FLT Experts


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 599
  • Assessment + Education
  • 8-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by FLT Experts

Empowering Fluency, Inspiring Confidence

Before your first session, you’ll receive detailed login instructions and learning materials to ensure a seamless and effective start. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, PLA French Language Tutoring (FLT) is your gateway to mastering the French language with confidence and ease. Join us and experience the joy of learning French with personalized support and expert guidance.

Challenges FSL Students Face

Daily communication, language barriers at work, socially, school, building confidence in communication, mastering grammar and vocabulary, and adapting to new cultural contexts. These are all struggles French as a Second Language learners face initially.

Solutions with PLA FLT

Live instructor-led tutoring with our expert educators provides personalized support throughout the year-round, tailored to individual learning needs and goals, ensuring steady progress is made and confidence is built.

Benefits of Learning with PLA

Flexible scheduling, access to experienced expert French-tutors from any location, interactive and engaging virtual learning environments, and convenient resources for language learning, homework support, career advancement and test preparation.

Results-Oriented Tutoring

Our focus on measurable progress, assessment and tailored educational support ensures that students achieve fluency milestones and excel academically in their French language journey.

Children and Teens

Young learners in grade school who need support in developing their French language skills for academic success and social integration.



 Individuals who have recently moved to an French-speaking country and need to acquire language skills to navigate daily life, work, and community interactions.



Working professionals, such as international employees or expatriates, who require French language skills for their job roles and communication in global contexts.


University Students

International students studying in French-speaking universities who may require language support for academic writing, speaking, and comprehension.


Exam Preparation

Students preparing for French K-12 or Post-Secondary exams. 


Specific Skill Improvement

Students focusing on specific areas of language development, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, or conversational fluency.


A World Renowned Language!

Thanks to PLAs FLT Tutoring, my confidence in speaking French has soared! The personalized lessons and patient instructors made learning enjoyable and effective. I've gone from struggling with basic phrases to engaging in conversations with ease. Highly recommended!

Darby L.M


I can't say enough good things about PLA Tutoring! The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. They tailored the lessons to my learning style and pace, helping me progress rapidly. Now, I feel much more comfortable expressing myself in French, both in writing and conversation. Merci beaucoup, PLA FLT!



Enrolling in PLA FLT Tutoring was one of the best decisions I've made for my French language journey. The tutors are not only experts in the language but also passionate about teaching. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and it kept me motivated throughout the program. I've seen a significant improvement in my comprehension and fluency, and I couldn't be happier with my progress. Highly recommended for anyone serious about mastering French!

Emelie A