English as a Second Language

Tutoring Service (ESLT)

International Student & Professional Language Support

Discover tailored ESL tutoring at Progressive Learning Academy. Our experienced educators cater to students of all ages and backgrounds, from newcomers to professionals, helping them achieve fluency and excel in their English language journey.


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 180 Monthly
  • Assessment + Education
  • 2-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by ESL-Expert Tutors


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 305
  • Assessment + Education
  • 4-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by ESL-Expert Tutors


PLA Online Education Membership
$ 599
  • Assessment + Education
  • 8-Sessions per month
  • Live-Instructor led by ESL-Expert Tutors

Children and Teens

Young learners in grade school who need support in developing their English language skills for academic success and social integration.



 Individuals who have recently moved to an English-speaking country and need to acquire language skills to navigate daily life, work, and community interactions.



Working professionals, such as international employees or expatriates, who require English language skills for their job roles and communication in global contexts.


University Students

International students studying in English-speaking universities who may require language support for academic writing, speaking, and comprehension.


Exam Preparation

Students preparing for English K-12 or Post-Secondary exams. As well as preparing for standardized English proficiency exams such as TOEFL, IELTS or other language assessments.


Specific Skill Improvement

Students focusing on specific areas of language development, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, or conversational fluency.


Empowering Fluency, Inspiring Confidence

Welcome to Progressive Learning Academy’s English as a Second Language Tutoring Service (ESLT). Our mission is to deliver results-oriented language education that begins with a thorough assessment to gauge each learner’s current language level accurately. This initial assessment is crucial as it allows us to tailor instruction to meet the unique needs and proficiency levels of each student.

After confirming scheduling preferences, we work diligently to deliver effective educational support, ensuring that learners get the most out of each session and progress towards their fluency goals. Our experienced Language Educators employ a personalized approach, leveraging innovative teaching methods and engaging materials to create a dynamic learning environment.

Beyond comprehensive language learning, we also provide support with around homework for ESL students enrolled in grade-school, post-secondary coursework support and test preparation for ESL students. Helping students build confidence and excel academically from. Our commitment to excellence extends to students of all ages, from young learners embarking on their language development journey to professionals seeking to enhance their language skills for career advancement.

Join PLA’s ESLT members service and experience a transformative language learning experience tailored to your unique needs and goals. Let us guide you on the path to linguistic fluency and open doors to endless opportunities in a globalized world.

Challenges ESL Students Face

Daily communication, language barriers at work, socially, school, building confidence in communication, mastering grammar and vocabulary, and adapting to new cultural contexts. These are all struggles ESL learners face initially.

Solutions with PLA ESLT

Live instructor-led tutoring with our expert educators provides personalized support throughout the year-round, tailored to individual learning needs and goals, ensuring steady progress is made and confidence is built.

Benefits of Learning with PLA

Flexible scheduling, access to experienced expert English-tutors from any location, interactive and engaging virtual learning environments, and convenient resources for language learning, homework support, career advancement and test preparation.

Results-Oriented Tutoring

Our focus on measurable progress, assessment and tailored educational support ensures that students achieve fluency milestones and excel academically in their English language journey.

"I am incredibly grateful for the personalized ESL tutoring I received from Progressive Learning Academy. The sessions were engaging, interactive, and tailored to my specific language needs. Thanks to PLA, I have gained confidence in speaking English and have seen a significant improvement in my language skills." Maria S. ESL Student


College Student

"Progressive Learning Academy's ESL tutoring program exceeded my expectations. The instructors were highly skilled and supportive, creating a welcoming learning environment. With their guidance, I achieved fluency faster than I had thought lol. I highly recommend PLA to anyone looking to improve their English skills." David L. ESL Learner

David Liu

Sales Representative

"As an adult learner, I was hesitant to start ESL tutoring, but PLA made the experience enjoyable and effective. The tutors were patient, understanding, and provided valuable insights and strategies for language improvement. Thanks to PLA, I now feel more confident in my English abilities, both professionally and personally." Sarah S. ESL Student