Hosting and Dedicated Support Services

At PLA, we provide an array of dedicated services to enhance and streamline the online educational process for Organizations and Schools. Available to Organizations and Schools Authorities Only.

Seamless Hosting Support

We guarantee your online sessions run smoothly with robust hosting and interactive learning tool capabilities.

Dedicated IT Support Service

Our team is on standby to address any technical issues promptly, allowing educators to focus on teaching.

Attendance Tracking

Accurate management of student attendance, to keep track of participation and  engagement. Including parent or student communication and reminders.

Data & Reporting Services

Detailed reports with valuable insights through comprehensive assessments and PLA Learner-analytics.

Session Monitoring & QA

Continuous quality assurance to maintain high standards in every session. A absolute game-changer in online learning. Available to Organizations and Schools only.

Customized Training Programs

Tailored training solutions to meet the specific needs of your educators and students.

Hosting Support

Our team and state-of-the-art platform offers unparalleled hosting support, ensuring that each educational session is delivered seamlessly and reliably. We manage the technical infrastructure, allowing educators to concentrate on their instruction without worrying about the technical side. Our system is designed to handle high traffic, concurrent sessions and ensure stability, providing a consistent and interruption-free learning experience.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any issues that may arise, ensuring that problems are resolved swiftly and efficiently. This comprehensive support system not only enhances the learning experience but also offers complete peace of mind to educators and students.

By partnering with PLA, schools can benefit from our expertise in remote education, ensuring a 5-star online learning experience with the most cost-effective IT support available. Let us help you deliver top-notch education remotely, with efficiency and excellence.