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At Progressive Learning Academy (PLA), we understand the critical importance of K-12 education in shaping the foundation of a student’s academic journey. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive tutoring support for students from Kindergarten to 12th grade (K-12), and ensuring that the students have the support needed to thrive in Math, English and Science subjects. With a keen focus on aligning our curriculum with current educational standards, we tailor our approach to each student’s unique learning style, enabling the students to reach their full potential.

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Progressive Learning Academy is committed to excellence and student success. From the programs and courses we offer to the highly-skilled instructors hired to facilitate online learning, we consistently deliver world class distance education and training for K-12 students needing support, services or specialized learning.

Challenges Students Face

How We Help

We know that learning from our surroundings and the environment we spend the most time in is typically the most beneficial way to gain knowledge and understanding.

PLA courses are designed to teach students to build habits out of learning from their surroundings while also ensuring they have space to make mistakes and then recover from them. Our online learning culture further develops them through constant improvement in their personalized curriculum.

By lessening a student’s fear of failure, we create a more positive, less stressful learning environment. This builds confidence in the personal self and acts as a foundation for encouraging further learning and growth.

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Features of comprehensive live tutoring!

Our Virtual Learning Options

All options are Fully customizable Based on the needs of the Participants.
Please contact us for pricing Information as we can tailor programs to suit your needs and your budget.


Geared for those who are struggling and need support to build A foundation


Best suited for students who already have a basic level of Subject understanding


For students who possess a thorough understanding Of the subject