Comprehensive Tutoring Service

For Organizations, Schools or Communities Only

Welcome to Progressive Learning Academy’s Comprehensive Tutoring Service, an exclusive service tailored for Organizations, Schools, and Communities. Since 2017, we have been leading the way in providing unparalleled educational support that addresses the widening educational gap nationwide.

Our Comprehensive Tutoring Service goes beyond traditional tutoring by providing a holistic approach to learning. We offer a suite of comprehensive services including attendance tracking, regular progress reports and analytics, expert-tutors in various subjects, session monitoring, and dedicated client support. This level of support is a game-changer for online learning, ensuring that every student receives personalized attention and experiences meaningful progress in their academic journey.

At PLA, we understand the unique challenges faced by organizations, schools, and groups in today’s educational landscape. That’s why we offer preferred pricing for our organizational clients, ensuring that they receive the very best educational services at the best rates. Our renowned service has earned the trust of our clients across western Canada, who rely on us to bridge the educational gap and provide top-notch support to their students.

Join us in making a difference in education with PLA’s Comprehensive Tutoring Service. Experience the difference of working with a dedicated partner committed to student success and educational excellence.

Group Tutoring or 1 to 1? Our Educators EXCEL at Both!​

Group Tutoring
  • Collaborative Learning: Students benefit from peer interactions, learning from each other’s questions and perspectives.
  • Social Skills Development: Enhances communication and teamwork skills, which are essential for personal and professional growth.
  • Cost-Effective: A bit more affordable per student compared to 1:1 tutoring, making high-quality education accessible to more students.
  • Motivation and Engagement: Group dynamics can increase motivation and engagement, as students often feel encouraged by their peers.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Exposure to a variety of problem-solving approaches and ideas, enriching the learning experience. 
  • Low Instructor-to-Student Ratio: With a maximum ratio of 1:5, students still receive significant individual attention and personalized learning.
1 to 1 Tutoring 
  • Personalized Attention: Individualized instruction tailored to the specific needs and learning pace of the student.
  • Focused Learning: Minimizes distractions, allowing for a concentrated and intensive learning experience.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Greater flexibility in scheduling sessions to fit the student’s availability.
  • Targeted Support: Immediate and specific feedback, addressing unique challenges and strengths.
  • Customized Curriculum: Lessons and materials are customized to align with the student’s interests and academic goals.  
  • Social Anxiety or Learning Disabilities: Provides a comfortable and supportive environment, encouraging higher participation and engagement from students who might feel overwhelmed in group settings.
  • Stronger Tutor-Student Relationship: Builds a deeper, more trusting relationship between the tutor and student, fostering a better understanding of the student’s needs and learning style.


Grades K-12 & Adult Educational Support
Subject Expert Tutors
1:1 or Small Collaborative Groups
Interactive Live Learning Experience
Measurable Results
Flexible Scheduling 7-Days a Week
Dedicated Client-Support

Subject Expert Educators

Committed to student success
At Progressive Learning Academy, our subject expert tutors excel in virtual teaching environments.

• They leverage innovative techniques and digital tools to create highly engaging and interactive lessons.

• They tailor lessons to the unique learning styles of students, thereby ensuring dynamic and stimulating learning experiences.

• Their advanced academic backgrounds combined with extensive teaching experience helps in effective virtual instruction.

• They foster active participation and student engagement through personalized strategies.

• They demonstrate a passion for education and a commitment to student success, going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results in virtual learning settings.

PLA Comprehensive Tutoring Roadmap

Looking to Setup a Designated Workspace for Tutoring or Training?

At PLA, we understand the critical role of a conducive learning environment in fostering academic success. That’s why we offer an additional service to set up designated workspaces tailored to enhance the learning experience. Our service ensures reliable and quality technology, creating a safe and efficient space conducive to focused learning. With a focus on longevity, our workspaces are designed to host years of tutoring or training sessions while remaining versatile for other functionalities. Experience the difference with PLA, where we prioritize creating optimal learning environments for every student. 

At PLA, we are deeply committed to bridging the educational gap in communities across Canada. To demonstrate our dedication, we are offering our renowned comprehensive tutoring services along with complimentary tech for virtual learning. This includes providing laptops, complete setup, and delivery to all new clients who are committed to supporting their students’ academic success. Join us in making education accessible and impactful for every student!  

Enhance Student Success with Comprehensive Tutoring Support for Your Organization, School, Group or Community!

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