Get Rewarded Help Students Succeed!

At Progressive Learning Academy (PLA), we believe in the power of community and the impact of personal recommendations. Our referral program is designed to thank you for spreading the word about our high-quality tutoring services. Whether you’re helping an individual student find support or an organization enhance its educational offerings, we have rewards that recognize your valuable contribution.

For Individual and Family Services Only

Earn 25 PLA-Points for each successful student referral for PLA’s EXCEL Tutoring. 

  • 100 PLA Points can be redeemed for one complimentary EXCEL Tutoring Session. 
  • Use PLA Points to redeem exclusive benefits and services. 
  • 1000 PLA-Points can also be redeemed for $100.

For Organizational-Referrals Only

Earn PLA Points and perks ranging from 100 to 1000 Points based on the size and scope of the referred organization. 

  • Use PLA Points to redeem exclusive benefits and services. 
  • 1000 PLA-Points can also be redeemed for $100.
  • 100 PLA Points can be redeemed for one complimentary EXCEL Tutoring Session. 

Conversion Referral

At Progressive Learning Academy (PLA), we value the power of word-of-mouth and believe that our satisfied clients are our best advocates. If you know someone who is unhappy with their current tutoring program or provider, refer them to us and help them discover the difference with PLA.

As a token of our appreciation, if your referral enrolls in a 12-month commitment with us, they will receive their first month of EXCEL Tutoring for free. Additionally, you will earn double the PLA Points, giving you even more opportunities to benefit from our exceptional tutoring and skills training services.

Together, we can ensure that every student receives the quality education and support they deserve. Thank you for helping us grow our community and for your continued trust in PLA.

At PLA, we are committed to providing quality education and helping students reach their full potential. By participating in our referral program, you play a crucial role in this mission. Together, we can create a brighter future, one student at a time.

For more information or to start referring today, contact our program support team. Let’s grow and succeed together!

How it Works

Refer a Friend or Organization: Share your unique referral link or simply provide our contact information to a friend, family member, Individual or organization.
They Sign Up: Once they sign up and begin their tutoring sessions with PLA, you’ll start earning points. We will confirm with you upon every successful referral made!
Redeem Your Points: Log in to your PLA account to track your points and redeem them towards tutoring sessions or other exclusive perks.
Building Trust: Personal recommendations are powerful. When you refer friends, family, or organizations, it demonstrates trust in our services and encourages others to give us a try.


Benefits of Referring

Help Students Succeed: Your referrals are key and connect students to essential academic support, enabling them to achieve their educational goals.
Earn Valuable Rewards: Accumulate PLA Points that can be redeemed for free tutoring sessions or other exciting perks.
Support Your Community: Contribute to the academic growth of individuals and organizations within your community.
Building a Learning Community: Referring friends and colleagues helps build a supportive network of learners, fostering collaboration and shared success.

Why Choose PLA?

Expert Educators: Our tutors and instructors are experienced and dedicated to providing personalized support and measurable results.
Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of tutoring options, including EXCEL, ESL, FLT, and our renowned Comprehensive Tutoring Services for Organizations.
Flexible Scheduling: Sessions are designed to fit the unique needs and schedules of our students and organizational partners.
Proven Results: PLA’s tutoring programs consistently deliver standout results, since 2017 we have been a leading provider of educational support services in Western Canada.

Become a PLA Education-Affiliate!

Looking to make an impact, help your community and join us on our mission of making quality educational support accessible for ALL students?
Click below and apply to start your process of becoming a PLA Program Affiliate. If selected we provide a generous commission structure and excellent benefits!