Virtual Learning Opportunities For The Corporate Sector

24/7 access to mobile-friendly online courses designed by industry experts

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

— John F. Kennedy

Anticipating & Preparing For Change

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to rapidly evolve in a short period of time. they must anticipate future trends and enable employees to build new competencies. Skills Training helps organizations overcome these challenges

Improves Employee Performance

Increases Engagement

Increases Employee Retention

Encourages Employee Growth

Boosts Employee Morale

Tracks Employee

Delivers Happier Customers

Addresses Internal Weaknesses

Our courses provide valuable insights and practical strategies that can be applied in virtually any field. From seasoned professionals looking to refine their skills to entry-level employees who want to kick-start their careers, PLA courses are designed for learners at all levels of experience and expertise. 

Taught by experienced instructors and tailored to meet the needs of each student or group, our courses are delivered through innovative technology platforms that break down traditional barriers to education. An easy-to-use interface and regular support further facilitates the learning process for a more positive and comprehensive experience.

How It Starts And How It Goes


Based on your needs, we will recommend suitable training plans and enrollment options


Our operations team will complete the enrollment process and assign an instructor


Participants complete program assessments to help instructors evaluate individual skill levels


After completing the training, trainees will receive a certificate

Some of Our Courses

Our skills-focused curriculum covers a broad spectrum of essential workplace competencies

Services & programs include

Virtual Training Options

All of the options are customizable Based on Your Company's needs.
contact us for pricing and any other additional information.

Training Platform, Training Content, & Instructors

PLA's virtual instructor-led training provides the partner organization or individual trainees with highly competent rich training content, ultra-modern training platform technology with hosting services, and a qualified instructor.

Training Platform & Instructors

PLA provides the partner organization with the training platform technology along with the hosting services and instructors - the organization uses its internal training content.

Training Platform

PLA will provide the training platform technology along with the hosting services to the partner organization.

Open Enrollment

This type of enrollment is suitable for individuals searching for a new job, mid-career technical professionals, executives, and managers whose focus is on personal development. Training is held in groups where attendees come from diverse industries and organizations.

Group Enrollment

In this type of enrollment, the focus is on a shared learning experience for employees of an organization which will lead to understanding and application of the concepts. Suitable for organizations that want to enroll one or more employees in our training programs.

For organizations wanting to enroll 10 or more employees/individuals, custom packages are available at discounted rates. The courses can also be customized based on the needs of the organization.